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Wastes are potential resources and effective waste management with resource extraction is indeed needed. India stands 12th in the world in plastic waste production, and 5th in e-waste production.



Zero Trash

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Zero Trash is a product building platform with initiatives in sectors related to waste management. Ideas like Smart Bin (IOT based smart waste management) which helps public corporations to look after their dump bins, Automatic MSW Waste Segregator (Using the concept of buoyancy and density separation method for plastics separation and electromagnetic induction for metal trash separation) which is a one-stop solution for waste collection and segregation. We also allow individuals or a community to join hands by expressing their views or ideas.

We offer a holistic solution to convert every bit of waste to benefit through SMART BIN (IOT based smart waste management) and automatic MSW waste segregator (the concept of buoyancy and segregation method for plastic separation and electromagnetic induction for metal trash separation) technological startups, which is a one stop solution for waste collection and segregation as well as currently working on many concepts to tackle waste management leading India to zero trash.



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