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Most of the waste we produce on land eventually reaches the ocean, either through deliberate dumping or from run-off through drains and rivers, particularly plastic bags have been found lying on the ocean bodies. This garbage can also come back to shores, where it pollutes beaches and other coastal habitats.



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A clean and a healthy environment would contribute towards absolute national development. As a tempest for this statement, our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Damodaran Modi has taken leads like ‘Swatch Bharat’, ‘Clean India campaign’ and lot more. In regards to being a supportable wing for this, we have Cleantech. It is a new setup made for working on the manufacturing or processing of vehicles or machines for cleaning utilities. It will also be open for collaboration with minor projects and companies whose ball is of the same court. The works for ocean cleaning utilities which could be an asset wing for Ganga Mission are also taken into consideration. The initiation of this will be done by a vehicle naming ‘Sand Sanitizer’, it is a vehicle designed for cleaning seashores for enriching the tourism importance. The process of this has reached up to the designing of the vehicle, and the blueprint is hardened.

Cleantech has come up with an innovative prototype, a scalable solution to efficiently intercept plastic and other waste in shores. The vehicle cost effectively clean up the shores by its mechanical and passive methods and thereby prevent waste from polluting the shores and reaching the oceans. Thus the machine is build to clean the beach shore and maintain the beauty of the beach tourism through a mechanical operation  




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