Entrepreneurship – a way of living

Entrepreneurship – a way of living

Could one survive and flourish as an entrepreneur, or should one be satisfied working for someone else? That is a question an entrepreneur aspirant gets every day.

You can be an entrepreneur or an employee. You can either set your own rules or follow the rules of your employer. Always be smart while choosing.

There is an entrepreneur that exists deep-down inside of each of us.    Many people have thought about starting a business or have an idea for a new product, service or brand.  People are extremely curious, and they want to test the elements that drive their innate curiosity.  Entrepreneurship is no longer just a business term anymore – it is a way of life.  You do not need to be an entrepreneur to be entrepreneurial.  You just need to cultivate the entrepreneurial attitude.   This is exactly what people feel in their gut every day and why they desire the direction to enable their entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurship & money

If you feel money is more important than the purpose of starting up your dream company, you are still in the rat race. Off course Money is an essential part of life and business. But you must come out of the race. A rat is still a rat even if he comes first.

Stepping out of the comfort zone

We tend to avoid discomfort. A lot of the time we use it as a sign to ease off. This is a classic sign you are out of your depth. People usually advise this is where you should stop. This is where I say “embrace it and keep going”. I call this unchartered territory “treading water.” It’s where your feet cannot touch the ground. This is a great place to be! It is a sign you are not going to settle for being mediocre or limiting you or your business to where it is at right now. If you desire to be ahead of the game, to be the innovator that always charges ahead, comfort is not your friend.

Success in entrepreneurship depends on following your passions. Being in control makes you evaluate everything, from your morning coffee to the arrangement of your living room furniture.

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