Suhas Gopinath – World’s Youngest CEO: Another Bill Gates?

Suhas Gopinath – World’s Youngest CEO: Another Bill Gates?

At a seminar on ‘Education System in India’ at Indian Institute of Science, a boy
dressed in casuals stepped out of his car and entered the gate. He was stopped by
the security personnel: “This event is only for CEO not for a college boy”. The
boy smiled, picked up his cell phone and soon a whole swarm of organisers
arrived at the entrance to usher him in. But we really cannot blame the security,
even the wisest of men probably will not guess that the 17-year-old champ is

“We are now focussing on the bottom of the billion, doing extensive work to improve the education and healthcare systems in Africa and India” these words
are not of any scholar or IITian but an engineer dropout who started his career in the internet café – built his own multinational company in an age of 14. It doesnot matter that he does not have a degree, because Suhas is the CEO of Globals, an IT company he started when he was a gangly teenager with a powder moustache.

The story of Suhas Gopinath is one such inspirational story which tells you that following your dreams is always a gamble that you can take. Suhas was unable to expect any support from his  arents, as his father was in Indian army and he wanted him to do  engineering and MBA and get a good job. This made him to think entrepreneurship was not a  middle class cup of tea’ but he  moved ahead with confidence thinking he would one day ecome a great entrepreneur and build his own company. 

At 14 years when Suhas approached companies to build their websites they requested resume, when they came across age, they almost denied the service. That is the point where Suhas decided to have his own company, as no one would ask the age of a CEO. Now, at 33, gopinath heads a multimillion-dollar company having presence in US and several European countries. At initial he was invited to Network Solutions headquarters and even asked to maintain their web site. Now hold your breath: ‘‘I declined because I was not interested in serving a US company.’’ Gopinath says it was the attachment to his family and the ambition to start his own organisation that brought him back to India. Globals the firm provides innovative solutions on web and cloud, enterprise application development, and product development services for various industries like education, government, media, online, and financial services. They also  develop web portals and auction sites and engage in other such technologically advanced activities.

“We should always be impatient and aggressive; when we want something, we have to get it. It’s the drive that helps us to achieve most of what we have.” 

                                                                             – Suhas Gopinath

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