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The customer is god! If any company is failing to serve good, service or good product, the customer has right to file complaint against the company and request for compensation in consumer court or firm. E-Suraksha will resolve your case effectively. Get support until your case is resolved. Save time, get justice.


Karnataka, India


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It is a Consumer Forum wherein it gives an open online platform for the consumer. It spreads awareness among common people and helps them to file a case to get justice. It represents individual consumer and one of the most outstanding and the simplest concepts of our platform is Consumer Protection. This simple idea/concept is not implemented in many countries and also it is a game changer by providing full support to the customer because there are certain organizations which protects the consumers only in an indirect way.

If the product is under defect, then the service provider has to repay the consumer. A manufacturer or a service provider has to compensate a consumer if the goods/service cause injury or damage to the consumer. This might be due to a manufacturing defect or poor service. This allows for compensation to an injured consumer.







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