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Online Auctioning of Products from Films

Karnataka, India


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India is the world’s largest producer of movies, with sandalwood accounting for a large portion of that total. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the film industry, with back stage workers bearing the brunt of the damage. By building a new revenue stream, we hope to keep the industry afloat.
Auction concept would be the first corporate company initiating from Karnataka film industry. There is no such parallel company attached with any film field, and we believe it would be a landmark gesture from Sandalwood. The concept ensures a new static mode of revenue and a new digital marketing mode.
We aim at providing a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience to the fans across the country with the most comprehensive range of apparels and gadgets that they admire watching on screen. It is an online platform where those apparels and gadgets are sold through auction. To be precise this will be a digital platform of auctioning apparels and gadgets used in a movie. The team also aims at creating few more sale models with this concept. The work is initiated through collaborating with the film production house, next is creating structures for auction. There involves a loaf of marketing strategies that has to be implemented, the team assure to do its best.
We believe this creates a new way of bonding between fans and stars parallelly throwing some light on financial factors.


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